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Topamax, or Topiramate, is an anti-seizure medication, or an antiepileptic drug, prescribed to control both the mild attacks known as partial seizures and the severe tonic-clonic convulsions known as grand mal seizures. It is typically added to the treatment regimen when other drugs fail to fully control a patient's attacks.

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What is Topiramate used for?

Topiramate is an anticonvulsant; it works by affecting chemicals in the brain to help reduce seizure activity. Topamax medication is also prescribed for the prevention of migraine headaches. Topiramate is also used in combination with other anti-seizure drugs among adults and children aged 2-16 years with partial seizures or generalized tonic-clonic seizures in which there is prolonged contraction of the muscles of the body that causes rigidity as well as jerking motions. The most common types of seizures are tonic, atonic, and myoclonic or sudden muscle jerks, and staring spells.

How does Topiramate work?

Neurotransmitters are chemicals that nerves manufacture and use to communicate with other nearby nerves. By altering the production or action of the neurotransmitters, Topiramate may suppress the abnormal activity of the nerves in the brain that cause the seizures or may prevent the abnormal activity from spreading to other nerves. Topiramate may suppress the nerves directly and make them less likely to fire.

Topiramate Side Effects

Tell your doctor if any of the following continue or worry you: unusual tiredness, drowsiness, weakness, dizziness, decrease in appetite or weight loss, itchy skin or skin rash, inability to sleep, headache, tingling and numbness of hands and feet, nose bleed, nausea, diarrhoea, constipation, taste disturbance or loss of taste. You may not be able to take Topamax, or you may require a dosage adjustment or special monitoring during treatment if you are taking any of these drugs: another seizure medication such as valproic acid (Depakote, Depakene), carbamazepine, phenytoin (Dilantin), a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor such as acetazolamide (Diamox), methazolamide (Neptazane).

Why are generic Topamax so cheap?

Manufacturers of generic Topiramate do not incur the cost of drug discovery, and instead are able to reverse-engineer known drug compounds to allow them to manufacture bioequivalent versions. Generic manufacturers also do not bear the burden of proving the safety and efficacy of the drugs through clinical trials, since these trials have already been conducted by the brand name company. In most countries, generic manufacturers must only prove that their preparation is bioequivalent to the existing drug in order to gain regulatory approval.

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